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Concours Years 2020 Now Available - with a Special Offer

Dear Friends of all Concours,

The 2nd Edition of the Concours Year has been published by the innovative publishing company Hothouse Media (love the name). It covers the year 2020 and while many great shows were delayed or cancelled because of the virus, the Hothouse Media group decided to plunge ahead in order to highlight those events that did take place. Concours Year 2020 is now ready and can be ordered here at Better yet, use the code Concours25 for a noteworthy discount.

From the publisher: “The Concours Year is a celebration of the very best Concours d'Elegance events in the world. This stunning 200-page book is a must-read for enthusiasts of the greatest cars in the world. The second edition of The Concours Year reports on all of the Concours events that went ahead in 2020 whilst recording those that had to be cancelled. It's been a challenging year for the Concours world, but The Concours Year captures it in full and will become a collector’s item in future years.”

The Cavallino Classic is in both editions, 2019 and 2020, and we can attest to the fact that the Hothouse Media group did an excellent job of capturing the soul of the Classic, as well as for dozens of other first rank Concours around the world. In addition, the design, paper and printing area all excellent.

Best Regards,

John Barnes



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