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Join the Excitement! And This is Only at 8 in the Morning!

Stay at The Breakers, roll out of bed in the morning,

get an early start and begin to enjoy the day.

We are ready for the 30th Cavallino Classic on April 21-25, 2021.

and Your Rooms Are Now Ready

All Classics deserve each other –

You, your family, your classics, your event, your hotel.

The Breakers is once again our Host Resort for Cavallino 30.

All Classic activity will continue to be at this international icon on the sea.

Exceptional benefits for you and your Ferrari.

Outstanding hospitality for you and your family.

Everything in private, safe and secure surroundings.

Direct Reservations:

Direct Phone: 888-273-2537. Mention the “Cavallino Classic” for Classic rates

(available from April 19th through the 26th).

If you need any other help or information,

please contact us at

or 800-306-6937, or overseas at 001-561-994-1345.

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