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Masterwork Ferrari GTO Painting Offered for First Time

GTO in Provence by Barry Rowe • 33.25 x 23.25 • paint on canvas • framed

This extraordinary work of art is by the famed painter Barry Rowe. He brought it to the Cavallino Classic to show and left it for us to sell for him. His bio is below.

This is an original Barry Rowe. He has become so popular and in demand that he only does commissions; no more academic pieces like this one, no more prints, no more limited editions, not for many years now. So, this piece is extremely rare and a one-of-a-kind. This GTO spent a great deal of time in southern France, with the Tour de France and other races, so the title and content are apropos.

Barry has the singular gift of creating a scene, an era, an atmosphere, a mood, and doing so with the most accurate and delicate of touches. Romance radiates from the canvas. A few touches here and voila, a period face; a few strokes there and voila, a façade in France. And most important, his automobiles are absolutely accurate, even when imbued with his irreplaceable “atmosphere and light”.

It is an original painting, it’s a one of a kind, and it glows with that nostalgic romance that only Barry is known for. Barry is the Walter Gotschke of this generation, if not even better. While you are busy with other concerns, take a minute off and treat yourself to something that will always give you a few moments of peace and pleasure, now and in the years ahead.

He is asking $25k for this beautiful painting. Please contact John barnes at 561-994-1345 or for more details, Monday through Friday Eastern time.

Barry Rowe Bio:

As one of the world’s leading automotive artists, Barry Rowe has developed a worldwide following, and an impressive list of private and corporate clients. His distinctive style and passion for automobiles is reflected in his paintings. By creating works of art instead of illustrations of cars, Rowe imbues each painting with an atmosphere and interaction that allows you to see every automobile at its finest.

Barry Rowe grew up near Jaguar’s factory in Coventry, where his father worked. Automobiles played a big role in his early life, and he often spent his Saturday mornings looking at the damaged racing cars left outside at the back of the factory.

After a career in advertising as an art director, Barry decided to become a freelance painter, and his success began with winning the prestigious Sotheby’s Art Award for a portrait of Juan Manual Fangio. After winning the award, Barry won commissions from Louis Vuitton, Royal Mail, Royal Doulton and Royal Caribbean Lines, for whom he is now Artist in Residence, and is flown out specially for ships on their inaugural cruises.

In 1998, Barry painted his first poster for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, beginning an annual tradition covering both the Concours and the Tour. This tradition continues to today. Barry has also been invited to paint posters for the Meadow Brook Hall Concours, the Hillsborough Concours, and the Monterey Historic Automobile Races. Rowe’s work has been exhibited in London, Silverstone, Goodwood, Paris, and The Hotel de Paris, Monaco. He has also exhibited extensively in the USA (New York City, Cavallino Classic, Palm Beach Ferrari, and Pebble Beach), winning innumerable Awards of Excellence along the way.

His book, Atmosphere and Light: The Automotive Art of Barry Rowe was published in March 2004 and won a Gold Medal from the International Automotive Publishers Association in New York.

Today Barry’s clients include Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz, Cunard, Royal Caribbean, Chopard, and of course, Pebble Beach.

Interested? Email John Barnes.

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