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Order the 2021 Rosso Corsa (Ferrari Myth) Calendar by Gunther Raupp

Gunther Raupp‘s 2021 ROSSO CORSA Calendar (formerly Ferrari Myth Calendar) is now available! Octane Press in Austin, Texas has exclusive representation of these sought-after collectible calendars and books in the US and Canada. The experienced team at Octane Press will do ensure your ordering experience is seamless, streamlined, and in time for the holidays. Take a glimpse at the new edition of the 37th edition of the Ferraris-only ROSSO CORSA Calendar and place your pre-order now to be among the first to receive these gorgeous works of art.

The Rosso Corsa Calendar (formerly known as the Ferrari Myth Calendar) has been sought-after and collected by Ferrari enthusiasts around the world for 37 years. This 2-ft calendar will adorn your wall with lavish photography by Günther Raupp of state-of-the-art automobiles. With superb imagery and equipped with scents and engine sounds, the Rosso Corsa Calendar brings to life the fascination of these automotive masterpieces, 365 days a year.

To guarantee the exclusive value, each individual copy of the Rosso Corsa Calendar is numbered and the entire circulation is strictly limited to 5,000 copies globally. Approximately 20 x 27 inch portrait format and printed on high-quality, glossy 250 gsm, 170 lb archival paper. 

Buy your copy here.

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