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Cavallino Classic 2020 Blessed with Everything

The 29th Cavallino Classic has passed into history, and we want to thank everyone who came to join us, and everyone who brought cars for all to enjoy.

The weather was absolutely perfect on all three days, perfect even for a Florida Day, when the sun is just right and casts a nice glow over everything – cars, people, buildings, foliage - perfection. The field Saturday was packed with happy attendees, and it was the biggest day ever for The Breakers, not only because of the Cavallino participants but with all the people coming on property to see the cars.

What to see? Eight 250 GT SWB Californias (hint - if the tops were up they were there to be judged, if the tops were down they were just for display). Two Ferraris from the Carrera Panamericana, eight 250 GTE 2+2s in honor of their 60th anniversary. Three Superamericas, the ones from the 1959-60s, plus three 575 Superamericas from 2005, plus a rare special projects car, the SP30, which is one of the prettier cars from that series in our opinion, plus we were very pleased to have the very first Monza SP1 in the country, brought by its owner for everyone to experience. And finally, row after row of 328s in honor of their anniversary.

The quality of the cars was so high that the judges had a tough time picking the Best of Shows. Your organizer stays out of the judging completely and we don’t know the winners until that evening, but we were told afterward that they were eight 99+ Ferraris in contention for Best of Show GT and Best of Show Competition. The winners were:

  • The Scuderia Ferrari Cup - For the finest Competition Ferrari - 1954 750 Monza Prototype, s/n 0428 MD, from Tom Peck

  • The Gran Turismo Ferrari Cup - For the finest GT Ferrari – 1951 340 America Ghia Coupé, s/n 0148 A, from Jack and Debbie Thomas

Since it was the 110th anniversary of Alfa Romeo, which we featured on Sunday and which we invited five special ones to come over on Saturday to be a centerpiece of the midfield included a very early battle scarred Tipo B P3 with many race wins, and a rare 1934 8C 2300 with a Figoni cabriolet body and this was before the company became the famous coach

builders Figoni & Falaschi. The knockout car of the weekend, shown on Saturday as well as Sunday, was the huge 1937 Cadillac V-16 Series 90, with that long Hartmann Cabriolet body. It was Best of Show at Classic Sports Sunday. The Track and Tour on Friday were well received, and the resurrected Jet Reception at Boca airport was a welcome sight.

See more on the Cavallino Classic on our website under “Media Coverage”. Judging results will be in the April 1 issue of Cavallino magazine.

Again, we thank everyone for joining us. Dates for Cavallino Classic #30 are January 20 to 24, 2021. We shall have a big Anniversary Party.

Images from Peter Singhof, Michael Gregg, David Brady, Jerry Wyszatycki and Jorge Guasso.

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