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Testarossa Prancing Horse

This clever sculpture is a fitting artistic rendition of the iconic horse and illustrates James Ferrari’s mastery of melding actual automotive component parts with aluminum and stainless steel. Have a Testarossa in your collection? Thinking of acquiring one? This piece will act as a signature introduction to your interests, with that titanic TR cylinder head making a bold and undeniable statement. And you can enjoy it while seated at your desk or on your lounge, as it rotates before you.

  • Testarossa cylinder head

  • F355 bell housing

  • 456 Italia bell housing

  • 575 front grill

  • Miscellaneous smaller Ferrari parts

  • Other parts in aluminum and stainless steel

  • 5.41 ft tall (65”) x 4 ft deep (48”)

  • Rotation

  • Approximate weight 165 lbs

  • Recommended stand 22 lbs

  • This is the 13th sculpture by James using actual Ferrari parts


See James Ferrari’s Art Biography.​

Rights and Pricing Information

Price is for the artwork piece only. Applicable sales tax, shipping and insurance are additional, depending on destination. Please note the sales contract will be between the buyer and Ferrari Gallery LLC. Also included will be terms and conditions regarding copyrights, etc. For more discussion about acquiring this original sculpture, please call us at 1-800-306-6937 or 561-994-1345. Or email

James Ferrari


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