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The Ambassador

This signature piece will make the right statement in the reception room to your automotive collection - unique, original, audacious. Made of actual pieces from various Ferraris, The Ambassador can be seen as a singular embodiment of the idea that all Ferraris are Art. At a massive 9 ft in height, this bold sculpture will reflect the taste and aspirations of its new owner.

  • 512 engine lid

  • 308 door skin
  • 360 bumper section

  • 308 timing belt cover

  • F355 roof section

  • 308 bell housing

  • 360 air intake

  • 328 gearbox cover

  • 400 GT exhaust

  • Other parts in stainless steel, aluminum & steel

  • 9.5 ft tall (114”) x 9 ft deep (108”) x 3 ft wide (36”)

  • Approximate weight 375 lbs - 450 lbs

  • This is the 25th sculpture by James using actual Ferrari parts

  • Installation note: A pattern is supplied for bolt placement in a concrete slab. There are 2 access doors on each side of the stainless steel rock for a clean install.

See James Ferrari’s Art Biography.


Rights and Pricing Information

Price is for the artwork piece only. Applicable sales tax, shipping and insurance are additional, depending on destination. Please note the sales contract will be between the buyer and Ferrari Gallery LLC. Also included will be terms and conditions regarding copyrights, etc. For more discussion about acquiring this original sculpture, please call us at 1-800-306-6937 or 561-994-1345. Or email

James Ferrari


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