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Tuna 348

It looks like a Tuna, but is it? This tuna piece does capture all the sleek, strong, powerful, and fast attributes that characterize that creature that flows effortlessly through water. Can we extend that metaphor to characterize a Ferrari at speed, but flowing effortlessly through air? If so, then this Tuna 348 will be right at home in your 3-series collection, a surprise and a delight as you walk your guests amongst your cars. It will certainly make everyone pause as you explain your fortune in obtaining this rare allegory of fish and machine.

  • 348 exhaust manifold

  • 308 intake manifold injector tubes

  • 328 gearbox section

  • Miscellaneous smaller Ferrari parts

  • Other parts in stainless steel

  • 3.83 ft long (46”) x 2 ft tall (24”) x .83 ft wide (10”)

  • Approximate weight 49 lbs

See James Ferrari’s Art Biography.

Rights and Pricing Information

Price is for the artwork piece only. Applicable sales tax, shipping and insurance are additional, depending on destination. Please note the sales contract will be between the buyer and Ferrari Gallery LLC. Also included will be terms and conditions regarding copyrights, etc. For more discussion about acquiring this original sculpture, please call us at 1-800-306-6937 or 561-994-1345. Or email

James Ferrari


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